Hello world!

This is my first post for my event place Old Indian Creek Farm in Olivet, Mi.  My husband and I purchased this 38 acre historical farm on Old 27.  It was the Stromberg estate prior to our purchase.  Maja Stromberg lived here with her husband Knut.  From what the neighbors shared Maja was a sweet Swedish woman who arrived in America with her mother.  I found some old Swedish books in the attic along with an adorable poster of two Swedish children skipping.  She loved to bake and worked with a catering company.  Maja also enjoyed raising chickens in her back yard unfortunately the chicken coop was beyond repair and had to be torn down.  Her husband Knut was German and farmed this property as well as the field across the road.  He raised cattle and you can still see where his pasture was behind the barn.  Which makes a great spot to host a party.  The rustic hip roof barn is currently being restored to her natural beauty.  When we purchased it in 2014 the roof had a gaping hole in it which took its tole on the floor.  So, we rescued some beams from another hip roof to repair the floor joists and had an oak tree sawed into 2 inch planks to replace the rotted floor.  It’s been a slow process but it is rewarding to see such a beauty be restored.  I am sure the Stromberg couple would be happy to see it, too.  Meanwhile last summer I painted, cleaned and decorated the three-story farm-house so that it will function as a place for guests of our farm.  There are still a few projects up my sleeve to complete in the house … ie.  a bedroom suite in the attic.  We also cleaned and cemented the machine shop.  I call it the machine shop as that is where I envisioned Knut working on his old tractors and farm equipment.  We have since had my daughter’s baby shower, a co-worker’s retirement party and two anniversary parties in the old machine shop.  This summer I also cleaned out the old granary. This was where they stored all the grain to feed their livestock.  I will be furnishing this barn so it can be a place to lounge or get ready for an event.  This is just a peek into what The Old Indian Creek Farm is about and I would like to welcome you to check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Old-Indian-Creek-Farm/1504473819838116


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