The charm of the Farm House

farm house

Part of Old Indian Creek Farm’s charm is the three -story farm house.  When this farm was in it’s hay day the house was where the family would gather everyday. The housewife had a very important job in the family. She would be up before the sun rose to prepare a hearty breakfast so that when chores were done the family could sit around the kitchen table to nourish their bodies to begin a busy day.   Some chores around the house were scrubbing the floors, washing clothes using the wringer washing machine, hanging clothes on the line to dry, preparing the meals or canning fruits or vegetables that were harvested from the garden.  Often times on the farm the housewife was also expected to help do chores outside. The hens would be looking for their mash, ground corn ration. While the hens were busy eating the eggs were collected from the nesting boxes each day.  Other chores might be milking cows, feeding the sheep or weeding the garden.  Lunch or dinner as it was called was also a well prepared meal at noontime. Supper was a routine and everyone in the family was expected to sit down together at the table. As the family gathered they would converse about the day’s events and what was going on in the neighborhood.

When you step into our farm house you can almost feel that simple but hard-working life from long ago.  You can’t help but  appreciate the job of the housewife which was to keep the family healthy and happy.  Our goal was to preserve this simple charm so that you can slow your life down and enjoy your stay.


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