Today I am excited for Megann and Chris as they venture into a new life together I feel lucky enough that my farm was the beginning for the new couple.  This is the first wedding in the old hip roof barnP1010293 on the new floor.  The October day couldn’t beP1010274 more perfect.  The sun is shinning with a few wispy clouds floating in the sky.  Trees are just beginning to turn bright orange, yellow and red.  There is only a sli-
ght hint of a breeze blowing in the air.

The atP1010268mosphere is calm and relaxed just as I hoped it would be.  Megann has a glow about her and looks the perfect bride.  Everything is set up perfect for the season with the bales of bright yellow straw, orange pumpkins, and shocks of corn stalks.  Her Uncle made her a wonderful twig arbor that fits perfect with the rustic backdrop.

My wish for Megann and Chris that they had a perfect day and P1010278that their life together is filled with many more wonderful memories.  Thank you for trusting me with your special day!




Fall Wedding

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