The Old Grainery


DSC_36819909Sitting in amongst the other rustic barns sits a grainery. DSC_392610121 At one time it’s purpose was to store the grain that was harvested on the farm that was to be used to feed all the livestock for the upcoming winter.  Rats were always a nuiscense on the farm.  Chewing through anything that seemed editable and destroying it.  Farmers were always purposeful when designing their buildings especially when it came to Preserving the stored food. So, it was for that reason that they built the graineries up off the ground often times on corner posts with a metal skirt that way rats and other varmin couldn’t climb up and get in the barn. The grainery at Old Indian Creek Farm has a stone foundation around the base.

I’ve cleaned out the grainery, leaving the two grain stalls intact. It will now serve as a changing area for the groomsmen. It is furnished with rustic farm and auto decorations. Hopefully it will serve as a hangout while waiting for the event to begin.20151002_18121120151002_181138


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