~IMG_1183It’s hard to believe that a year ago my daughter was expecting her first child.  Her husband already had twoIMG_1170 children ages six and two so, this baby made the house full.   DSC_857114195The anticipation for the big day was exciting for us.  We hosted a late fall baby shower at The Old Indian Creek Farm.  Even though it was a chilly November day we cranked up the heaters in the old Tool Shed and had a great time celebrating the arrival of baby Clair.  The vintage baby theme was cute at the farm, with an antique baby buggy, DSC_862514249 (1)vintage toys, and mason jars filled with letters.  Our friend made a cute lamb cake.  She does a wonderful job making moist cake with rich frosting while incorporating the theme in the decorations.  We played the dirty diaper game trying to guess which candy bar was melted in the diaper.  And of course the guess the nursery rhyme game in which the Great Grandmas and Great Aunts rocked at.  It was a fun afternoon.DSC_851714141IMG_1192DSC_860814232-3

They also captured the pregnancy milestone with some family photos taken by our family friend, Nick Barnes Photography.  Nick is just a young man of 16 years that started a photography business and is very successful.

It’s a privilege and a joy to watch families begin their first memories made at Old Indian Creek Farm.


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