MSL028-Crisp-Point-Light-1Some people think that proposal traditions are antique and should be abandoned but I say they should not be forgotten.  These are the special moments that will be the beginning  of a life long relationship.

Three years ago on December 29th my daughter, Ashley was proposed to.  A couple weeks prior to his proposal Jake had nervously asked her dad for permission for Ashley’s hand in marriage.  Some would say that it is old fashion but as a parent I consider it a sign of great respect and an honor.  We then anxiously waited for the special moment to come when he would ask the question.

Christmas came and went but still nothing.  Our family tradition during Christmas break for many years has been to head to the Upper Peninsula.  We stay for several days riding snowmobiles with friends.   So, we figured that this was where Jake would pop the question.  Ashley was even getting anxious because she had an inkling.

Finally my husband intervened and had a private talk with Jake to find out what the plan was going to be.  Jake had forgotten the ring at home. Lucky for him his mother and step-dad were also coming up north and they were bringing the ring.  Together they discussed different picturesque places we could go on our snowmobiles so he could ask Ashley.

That moment presented itself when we rode on snowmobiles through the winding snowy trails to Crisp Pointe Lighthouse on Lake Superior.  It was a crisp but cloudy day with the wind blowing slightly off the mighty Lake.  The lake had not yet froze over so the waves were rolling on to the shore.  Jake took Ashley for a walk along the beach as we stood on the boardwalk watching. The wind was blowing and so it was like watching a silent movie.  He bent down on his knee and took hold of her hands.  Then they were rolling on the beach, hugging and kissing.

And so their lives began on the sandy, snow covered beach on Lake Superior.  Both families and fiends honored to be a part in that special moment to be treasured a life time.


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