A Day to Remember

Weddings are a day of magic and joy but when one of your loved ones can only be with you in spirit  it can be emotional for the bride an groom. There are many ways that you can include your heavenly loved one on your special day.  Figuring that out comes from  your heart. Never worry about what others will think because this is your day and remembering is part of honoring the special relationship that you had with your loved one who is no longer here on Earth but is your guardian angel.  Think about your loved one’s personality or passions and how to blend them together in your wedding theme. Allow yourself to be creative! It’s therapy!

Memorials can be just a small gesture or it can be more elaborate depending on what you are comfortable with.


  •  Photo charms on the bride’s bouquet, shoes, necklace, bracelet, or boutonniere
  • Designate a chair in honor of your loved one with a picture
  • Photo table – Mason Jar with photo inside – Rustic Screen door / Window / Chalk board with photos displayed
  • Favorite colors incorporated
  • Special songs  incorporated into the ceremony or dance
  • Artifacts or items that have special meaning included into the decor
  • Have the minister include a memory or message
  • Someone from the bridal party, bride or groom speak or have a moment of silence to remember
  • Light a candle
  • I collected ideas on my Old Indian Creek Farm Pinterest account for you  https://www.pinterest.com/kristineshrontz/remember-loved-ones-at-your-wedding/

At my daughter’s wedding she honored her brother and he honored his father.  More than anything they wanted them to be able to celebrate their day with them.  They had an outdoor country wedding theme.  We hung photos on Shepard hooks going down the aisle, they each picked a special song to play during the ceremony and I decorated Trent and Jerry’s boots to put on the head table.

It was a bittersweet day for both families, missing absent loved ones, and celebrating a special moment.  Trent and Jerry smiled down on them during the ceremony with a perfectly shaped heart cloud.




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