Summer Harvest


IMG_1124 (2).JPGWith the looming doom of drought hanging over us the harvest of the golden wheat at the
farm is a small ray of sunshine.  Unlike the slow-growing soybeans and corn the wheat thrived over the winter and spring to produce a prosperous crop.  I only wished that we had more than just a small 35 acre field.

Harvesting the wheat is such a beautiful process.  The combine reels in the tall yellow stalks into the head, spiraling around the auger.  The stalks rolling from each end until they meet in the middle quickly pulled into the mouth of the combine disappearing into the intricate machine. Grinding and growling, inside the massive machine the wheat head is thrashed among the rollers where the kernels are separated from the stalk. Careful not to crush the kernel.  Behind the cab you can watch as the grain is pouring out of the auger into the bin as a pile of gold climbs to the top.  The blowers blow the chaff away from the wheat kernel and the remaining parts are spit out the back. As the combine crawls across the field piles of bright yellow straw lay in rows as proof that the wheat has been harvested. IMG_1086.JPG These abandoned rows of stalks will later become golden bales of straw to be used as bedding for the livestock.

IMG_1107.JPGThe golden wheat harvest is like a ray of hope.  Hopeful that the fall crop harvest can be as bountiful as the summer harvest.  Hopeful for some well needed rain for the hundreds of acres we have crying for rain. Hopeful that all the hard work, long hours and money we have into the crop will reap some profit to continue for another year of growth.   Hopeful that God will grace us with the one thing that we can’t provide… rain.  IMG_1127.JPGIMG_1151.JPG


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