Coming Together

The “old” new addition is beginning to come together.  The barn building is slowly taking shape.

The cement pillars now have mammoth wooden beams resting on them.  As your eyes follow those old beams upward they are connected with cross pieces attaching the framework together. Held together just as they were years ago with wooden pegs keeping one timber to another.  The only part not original is the roof trusses and roofing but are distressed to try to keep the vintage appeal.

I wasn’t too confident when my husband took this project on but now I can see that he has an ingenious mind.   To be able to take apart a barn that is over 100 years old with out a blueprint and be able to piece it back together is quite amazing.  When I walk around the beams laid out in the field he points out each one knowing where they should go.  The gears in his mind are always grinding coming up with options and solutions.  Reconstructing to preserve the original barn and making sure that it fits into the atmosphere of our old country farm.

I am now confident that this “old” new addition will look as if it had been on our farm for over 100 years just like the barn that it will be resting next too.


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